Our expertise

at your service

With our experience in car repair for 3 generations and in restoration for more than 10 years, we are able to advise you on a purchase, sale or realization. Our expertise lies in the passion, and the knowledge of Mini moke, Mini Classic and Land Rover. You want to be accompanied in a purchase, or to know the value of your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us; we will do everything to do it.

MOKoncept Classic is not only a restoration workshop and an online store, it is also a concept bringing together everything that appeals to the Mini Moke. Restoration and repair is more than a job it is an art, and we have been practicing it for 3 generations.
Mokoncept Mini is obvious to us. The basis of the Moke being the classic Mini, it is without hesitation that our workshop also wants to restore a myth of automobile culture. The Mini is a staple of history and we know how to make it timeless.
Mokoncept Land Rover could not be put aside when restoring Minis and Moke. As legendary as the small English models, nothing will replace the Land Rover. When you imagine crossing and off-roading, the Land Rover immediately comes to mind. Thanks to our experience, we have the skills to restore, modify and update these ancestors who are just waiting to take the road of pleasure and passion.